Advanced Micro Devices

AMD offers multi-tier MPU, APU, and discrete GPU solutions for the embedded market.  Their V-Series Ryzen based APUs have Ultra High Performance and Class Leading Integration.  Their R-Series APUs offer High Performance and Application Versatility, and their G-Series APUs are optimized for Low Power and High Value.  AMD’s EPYC Embedded Server Class MPUs offer Next Generation Ultra High performance with models with 4 to 16 AMD Zen Cores, up to 64 x PCIe Gen 3 Lanes, and up to 8 x 10Gb Ethernet ports.  AMDs Radeon Embedded Discrete GPUs offer unparalleled performance in the embedded space, with models available that support up 6 x 4K simultaneous displays.  All AMD embedded products offer long term (5 year+) availability and industrial temp options.


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