Diodes AL5810Q

60V Adjustable Current Up to 200mA Linear LED Driver in a Small Footprint W-DFN2020 Package

The AL5810Q is an Automotive AEC-Q100 Linear LED Driver offering an excellent temperature and voltage current stability with output adjustable handling capability. The AL5810Q simplifies the design of LED drivers by setting the LED current with an external resistor using standard value resistors. The AL5810Q has an open drain output that can swing from 2.0V up to 60V supply voltage enabling it drive long LED chains for high side or low side LED strings. Its low 0.5V RSET pin is outside of the LED current path and can maintain current accuracy while minimizing the required overheads to regulate the LED current. This reduces its power dissipation when compared to traditional linear LED drivers. It makes it ideal for driving LEDs up to 200mA. The AL5810Q is available in the Wettable Flank W-DFN2020-3/SWP (Type A) package (2mm x 2mm), power dissipation (PD) up to 2W.


Hybrid LIC Supercapacitor

CDE is pleased to add Types VMF and VPF Hybrid LIC Supercapacitors to our product offerings.

The VMF and VPF Hybrid LIC Supercapacitors offer increased voltage and energy density, ideal for applications with long stand by and run times. Unlike batteries, hybrid supercapacitors do not degrade with each charge/discharge cycle and are inherently safer than batteries, with no risk of thermal runaway. All components are UL recognized and REACH and RoHS compliant. For applications requiring higher voltage or capacitance, CDE can design custom series-parallel banks of components, packaged into modules with the desired lead configuration.


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