Murata adds to lineup of isolated DC-DC converters for PoE

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has recently expanded its lineup of isolated DC-DC converters for Power over Ethernet (hereafter called PoE).

The additions to the lineup consist of the following two isolation type DC-DC converter products intended for Powered Devices (hereafter called PD) and also the following isolation type DC-DC converter product intended for Power Sourcing Equipment (hereafter called PSE).

  • MYBSP0055AABFT  5Vo/5.1A product, For PD
  • MYBSP0122BABFT  12Vo/2.1A product, for PD
  • MYBSS054R6EBF 54Vo/0.6A, Boost-up, For PSE

These products are suitable for biometric authentication devices which are required mainly to occupy minimal space and possess low noise characteristics, an IoT Gateway which is necessary for edge computing, and camera modules. They also contribute to miniaturization of conventional wireless access points, IP telephones, and routers.
These products are already being mass produced, and we can provide samples upon request.




The AP43770 is a USB Type-C power delivery controller dedicated to power source applications with legacy capability. It is compliant with USB Type-C specification rev1.2 and USB power delivery (PD) specification Rev3.0 V1.1.

The AP43770 can support PPS APDO with 20mV/step resolution and 50mA/step current resolution for power management. Also, it supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 4 for mobile market. In addition, cable-loss compensation and SOP command for e-Marker detection are embedded too.

In consideration of customer applications, AP43770 supports options for non-PD protocols like BC 1.2, QC3.0/QC2.0, and other legacy protocols with auto-detection and maintains backwards compatibility with the existing environment. There are rich power-features embedded on the chip and can be configured through CC channel.


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